Post Procedure Care

After the circumcision, what happens next?


You can bathe him as you would normally, even as soon as you get home if you wish. It is a good idea to leave him without a nappy after his bath to let the air dry the treated area, soon after you should apply some Vaseline.

Apply the Vaseline twice daily.

The Vaseline being greasy acts as a cushion between the head of the penis and the ring to minimise rubbing. The Vaseline should be applied down the inside of the ring, round the head of his penis and round the outside as well. Use a cotton bud to spread the Vaseline inside the ring.

After time, the ring will separate from the penis of its own accord. This usually takes between three and seven days. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you simply continue applying the Vaseline. Also, ensure you continue to apply the Vaseline for a day or two after the ring comes off.

Important points


Check the treated area for fresh bleeding, and if this occurs in the first 24 hours, please phone Russell Medical immediately because this should not happen.

Separating Adhesion

After the circumcision has healed it is usually necessary to separate the shaft skin from round the head of the penis. If that is not done, smegma can accumulate under the adherent skin. 

Smegma is a mixture of old mucus and dead skin cells. It always accumulates under the foreskins of uncircumcised boys. It acts as a focus for infection, but even more importantly it is the presence of smegma when they are young that predisposes them to cancer of the penis later in life.

The biggest single advantage in having him circumcised is that it is now easy to keep clean, and when he is old enough to shower himself, it should be totally self-cleaning.

Puppy fat

Many boys can develop a layer of “puppy fat” in front of their pubic bone. This “puppy fat” pushes the shaft skin forward so that it overhangs or covers the head of the penis.

The penis is anchored to the pubic bone and can get “covered” by this layer of fat.

If this should be the case with your boy, parents will need to be mindful of cleanliness and skin re-adhesion between the head of the penis and foreskin.

Performing the following simple action will minimise this from occurring.

Every day when you bathe your son, it will be a necessity to firmly push the shaft skin back towards his pubic bone.

This are for two reasons for doing this:

Don’t be afraid of performing this action at bath time, then after he is dry, apply Vaseline to the treated area. You won’t have to do this forever, most boys tend to lose that “puppy fat” with running around, riding bikes and simple exercise!

Further information - notes for older boys

On the day of the procedure keep your child quiet and rested. After the first day, it is important that your child resumes physical activity. Encourage him to play normally. Avoid any physical activity you consider risky or dangerous (e.g.- bike riding or contact sports). It is better to keep older boys busy and distracted than having them sit at home the whole time.

Firm, supportive underwear keeps the penis supported and is better than loose boxer shorts or letting him wear no underwear.

Some boys experience pain and burning with urination for a few days after the procedure. The symptoms can be eased by encouraging oral fluids and soaking in the bath. Encourage them to wee in the bath or shower.

It is important to minimize erections in the older boys whilst the Plastibell is still attached. If he gets an erection and is in discomfort you can apply a cool cloth or ice pack to the area. In some circumstances the doctor may give you a prescription for pseudoephedrine tablets which have the effect of reducing erections.

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