Our Process

Prior to arrival at Russell Medical

Prior to arrival at Russell Medical, we ask that you refrain from feeding your son for two hours before his circumcision. That way, he is less likely to wee, or poo, or throw-up during his procedure. This also allows for a full feed immediately after his circumcision, which will help settle him rapidly. 

Circumcision consultation + anaesthetic cream

When you arrive at Russell Medical for your son’s procedure, our staff will confirm that all relevant consent paperwork has been sighted and signed appropriately. After this process is complete the consultation will begin.

During the consultation you will meet with the doctor and nurse who will step you through the Russell Medical process, examine your son to check that the circumcision procedure can be successfully performed and answer any questions you may have. After which the anaesthetic cream will be applied to your son.

Whilst the anaesthetic cream takes effect, we ask that you leave the practice and return at the allotted procedure time, which is typically 1.5 to 2 hours later. This is done to ensure that we can adhere to the Covid-19 social distancing rules in the waiting room.

Circumcision procedure

Upon your return to the practice, your son will be escorted to the treatment room. There our experienced staff will support and care for him to minimise his discomfort during the short procedure.

As soon as the doctor has completed the procedure, your son will be promptly and calmly returned to you for a comforting feed in one of our rooms.

Feed baby + post procedure care debrief

After your son is fed and settled, we will step you through the Post Procedure Care process. Here we will outline what care you need to provide your son at home to achieve the best possible results whilst ensuring he remains comfortable.

A Post Procedure Care information pack will be provided to you to take home and read. This pack contains the debrief discussion points and other important information for you to reference over the coming days.

In addition to referencing the information pack, you are welcome to call Russell Medical during business hours and our experienced staff will promptly attend to your queries.

And for that added piece of mind, our doctors are available 24/7 to take your calls in case of an emergency.

Rest assured, after you leave you and your child will be well supported by Russell Medical.

Post procedure care (at home)

When you arrive home, read the supplied information pack guiding you through a range of Post Procedure Care topics. Again, applying the process outlined from within the information pack will achieve the best possible results whilst ensuring he remains comfortable.

Follow up

Two weeks following your son’s procedure, we will contact you again to confirm that the circumcision is healing well.

If you prefer a face-to-face appointment at our practice, this can also be arranged.

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With over 50 years of experience and over 73,000 procedures performed, you can trust Russell Medical to deliver the very best in quality and service.

One of our friendly team will contact you within 8 business hours.

One of our friendly team will contact you within 8 business hours.