How Common Is Circumcision in Australia?

Male circumcision is an operation that removes the foreskin covering the tip of the penis. It’s long been used as a way to ensure correct hygiene for boys and men and prevent skin diseases and infections.

You may be wondering how common circumcision is in Australia now.

What is circumcision?

Circumcision is a procedure we use to remove the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. This procedure has long been used on male babies at birth but any male of any age can have the operation.

Circumcision is completed for many reasons. Most commonly, it’s used as a prevention technique — it ensures correct and proper hygiene for males and prevents a myriad of conditions.

We’ll discuss these conditions a little bit further down in this article.

It can also be completed for cosmetic reasons or for religious purposes. Circumcision is quite prevalent across Judaism, Islam, and some Christian denominations.

Of course, circumcision is typically a safe and straightforward procedure. At Russell Medical, we’ve completed more than 73,000 circumcision procedures and have never had a major complication.

Circumcision may be completed using a local or general anaesthetic. Any postoperative pain from circumcision is typically resolved within three to four days. However, it can last up to two weeks.

The penis will typically look like it’s healing around the seven to 10-day mark.

What are the benefits of circumcision?

Despite the advancements in our understanding of hygiene, medications, and the treatment of skin conditions and infections, there are still some tangible benefits to circumcision. The procedure can prevent a myriad of general infections and issues as well as serious conditions.

10x lower risk of UTI in the first year of life

Circumcision decreases the risk of UTIs in newborns tenfold. There’s a 1% chance of boys getting a UTI in their first year of life.

No risk of infection under the foreskin

Infections under the foreskin can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for young boys (and men). Circumcision dramatically reduces the risk of infection under the foreskin.

Simplified genital hygiene

Simplified genital hygiene saves time and increases the likelihood of properly completed hygiene. Genital hygiene is really important in men for preventing infection and UTIs, and poor genital hygiene has been linked to penile cancers previously. It should be noted that penile cancer is an extremely rare condition.

Lower risk of getting STIs

There is some research to suggest that circumcised men may possibly have a smaller risk of getting STIs. However, as medical professionals, we certainly recommend practising safe sex. Circumcision is not a replacement for safe sex.

Decrease risk of infection, skin conditions, cancers & other medical conditions

Throughout their lifetime, it’s estimated one in two uncircumcised boys will develop a medical condition that’s been caused by their foreskin.

How much does circumcision cost in Australia?

The cost of circumcision in Australia will be dependent on so many different factors. The state you’re living in, whether you live regionally or in a metropolitan area, and whether you opt for a public hospital or a private clinic.

After those considerations, there’s also the age of the boy. Typically, the younger the boy is, the cheaper the procedure. So, a newborn’s circumcision will cost significantly less than an adult’s.

Circumcision can start at $600-$800 for a newborn and increase to anywhere between $900 and $1,100 for an adult.

At Russell Medical, we provide much higher quality procedures, from the education we provide the parent or patient with to the care and comfort we ensure for the patient.

And of course, we provide high quality surgical outcomes. Our highly skilled surgeons take the time to ensure a high quality procedure with the closest attention to detail.

So, how common is circumcision in Australia?

Australia has seen a decrease in circumcision rates over the last 70 years or so. Back in the 1950s, roughly 80 per cent of Australian men and boys were circumcised.

That rate has steadily decreased and now, around 20 per cent of Australian newborns are circumcised.

This is largely due to developments in modern medicine. Previously, the conditions that can be caused by a lack of circumcision could have quite profound impacts on young boys right through to older men.

These days, we have the medicine to treat these effectively, however, we still believe prevention, via circumcision, is key.

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